Time Attendance Sample Reports for FingerTec USA

Sample Reports for TCMS v2 by FingerTec USA

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Correction Report
Indicating outstanding clocking activities for admin personnel to take corrective measures.
Tardiness Report
Report showing daily activities of a staff detailing lateness and overtime taken.
Overtime Approval Worksheet
Worksheet of a user and approval given for that particular person for working overtime.
Attendance Summary
Summarized report of staff attendance.
Day by Day Analysis
Report of attendance summarized daily.
Month by Month Analysis
Report of attendance summarized monthly.
On Leave Report
Listing of leaves that have been taken by staff.
Electronic Time Cards
Report of detailed activities of a staff in a month.
Daily Attendance Listing
Listing of staff attendance based on the date required.
Duty Calendar
Calendar of workday holiday, restday and offday based on a specified group.
Attendance Sheet
Comprehensive report detailing activities of all staff in a month.
Gross Wages Report
Gross calculation of worked hours of all staff based on their pay rate.
Door Access Reports
Staff Movement Analysis
Transaction record of individual staff by user ID.
Terminal Activity Report
Transaction record of staff by reader.
Terminal Transaction Listing
Record of all transactions data downloaded from every reader.