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FingerTec® R2 redefines security by empowering people’s biological traits to enhancing security in their daily lives. Biometrics technology proves real identity and by incorporating fingerprint technology and card system, FingerTec® R2 provides its users with absolute comfort and convenience every time.

FingerTec® R2 and R2i are the latest complete fingerprint door access and time attendance systems. FingerTec® R2, embedded with 8M-Flash memory, works as a master reader keeping all information and transactions of users intact in the reader and FingerTec® R2i works as a slave reader to read fingerprint. Data from the master readers are accessible through the powerful FingerTec software, TCMS V2. With combination of FingerTec® R2 and R2i, both entrances and exits are controlled by secured biometrics keys.

FingerTec® R2 offers the most commonly used communication protocols, TCP/IP for data transfer and it is equipped with an additional USB as backup in an event of connection breakdown. The FingerTec® R2 series also work with standard alarm system to give warning during break in, door ajar or unauthorized dismantling of readers.

The powerful TCMS V2 software is bundled with every purchase of FingerTec® R2. It runs on Windows platform for reader and data management, as well as for easy and presentable reporting. FingerTec® R2 readers run on Linux platform, providing flexibility to integrate firmware and performing customized functions. Complimentary Biobridge SDK is also available for integration with third party software.

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