Web-based, online systems dominate the market and will soon replace older software packages. For years, system developers have been trying to find a more reliable alternative to the common, but unsecure, “username” and “password” login method. The quest for a better authentication process remained unfulfilled...until now.

Introducing the FingerTec® Online Fingerprint Identification System (OFIS), the long awaited solution to the remote and online verification problem. Its added biometric features provide the ideal verifcation method for secure online access.

The FingerTec® OFIS runs in a Browser/Server (B/S) Environment, where users enroll their fingerprints through a FingerTec® OFIS Scanner linked to a PC. For verification, the scanner reads the user’s fingerprint and transmits the encrypted data to the remote back-end server through the Internet/Intranet/WAN/LAN. The server compares and verifies the fingerprint against the stored fingerprint templates.

FingerTec® OFIS SDK (Software Development Kit) comes with FingerTec® OFIS Server and FingerTec® OFIS Client modules. Now you can deploy a uniquely fast and accurate fingerprint verification system. OFIS integrates seamlessly and easily into any application environment to enhance its security threshold. Your world class applications should not be compromised by mediocre login security and potentital breaches. Tolerate no more risk; FingerTec® OFIS is the smart choice for online security!

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