About FingerTec USA

Welcome to FingerTec USA

FingerTec is now pleased to announce our new US headquarters, conveniently located in New York.

FingerTec was born in 2000, with a visionary objective of bringing the then high-tech fingerprint technology normally used by the government sector into a technology that is affordable and reachable to small and medium sized businesses. Within these 10 years, FingerTec has won 3 international awards as recognition for its technology advancement.

With FingerTec USA everything is easy! This slogan is more than just a promise, because we communicate. We have the #1 support record in the biometrics industry, ensuring hiccup-free solutions in every aspect of our products.

FingerTec USA readers support more than 20 languages and our software supports more than 14 languages. Our comprehensive Internet support team covers you from day one.

FingerTec USA manages to spread its wings fast and far, doubling its sales every year with its products presence in 100 countries within the past five years.

Beginning with a vision, followed by simple yet viable plans and well executions, FingerTec USA has started a remarkable revolution, changing the unreachable technology to “touchable” products much faster than its rivals, setting fingerprint product a new benchmark for biometric industry.