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FingerTec® Keylock 8800 – A Smart Mechanical Keylock

FingerTec® Keylock 8800 is a breakthrough in mechanical door lock design with superior features that are not available in other market brands. FingerTec® Keylock 8800 offers the convenience of fingerprint verification, password, and card control, all in one machine.

Its LCD screen and simple buttons make user enrollment and management easy. 3 levels of user access provide extra control and effectiveness in managing the system. An administrator or supervisor can add, delete, and modify users easily at the machine itself. Unlike other mechanical doorlocks which cannot extract data stored in the lock, Keylock 8800 facilitates data transmission via USB.

As an added security feature, Keylock 8800 comes with double latches: a dual direction latch on top and a stainless steel bar latch below, operable only from the inside.

For a more secured and stylish door lock, choose the smart Keylock 8800.

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