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I would like to Highly recommend Finger Tech USA! I really enjoy this system. It's a timesaver and it really made my job easier. We are actually in the process of installing this sytem in our other company (Green Fitness Studio). Staff are very helpful!
Testimonial By: Yari — brooklyn, NY — Avantguards Manufacturing

In praise of FingerTec

This easy-to-use tool helps us to better manage our staff while assuring they are duly compensated. With this machine, there's no wiggle room for error.
Testimonial By: Leah Lightman — Far Rockaway — Total Family Care


the fingertec machine is such a great piece of technology. it saves a great amount of time. it is a pleasure to work with the company. the customer service is super. they are always there to assist with any of question anytime. every problem is dealt with and a solution is provided immediately. only pros no cons.
Testimonial By: levi rottenberg — farmingdale, ny — executive laundry

Very Impressed

FingerTec was a pleasure to work with. The pricing was great and they took the time to help explain and set the system up. Customer Service spent hours making sure the system was running perfectly and is always there for tech support.
The system works great and saves us time and money.
Testimonial By: Moshe — Brooklyn, NY — Platinum


I can not overstate the value of the FingerTec system, it is a wonderfully simple system, yet the process help us organize our payroll and save time. We were calling in our payroll each week wasting time on the phone. Tech Support Team was extremely helpful and patient during our transition. I can't wait to use more of the features on the system.
Testimonial By: Kim — Junk A Car

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