Advanced Product Search

How many Users or employees will use the device?  
What type of Verification will you need?
FingerPrint    Yes   No   Don't know
RFID Card    Yes    No   Don't know
Password    Yes    No   Don't know
Face Recognition    Yes    No   Don't know
What type of conection method?
TCP/IP    Yes    No   Don't know
WI-FI    Yes    No    Optional   Don't know
Download the Data via Flash Drive?    Yes    No   Don't know
Would you like a Color Screen?    Yes    No   Don't know
Would you like to show SMS Messages while user verifies?    Yes    No   Don't know
Do you want to Display User Photos during verification?    Yes    No   Don't know
Run your picture own logo?    Yes    No   Don't know
Do you want to Capture a Photo when user verifies?    Yes    No   Don't know
Would you like to have add a Slave Unit for Exit Only?    Yes    No    Optional   Don't know