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Designed to impress, FingerTec® i-Kiosk 100 is the premier fingerprint multimedia time attendance & access control system. Stylishly crafted as an ultra modern clocking system. FingerTec® i-Kiosk presents attractive color TFT high-definition display of icons and photos.

This product works effectively as a standalone unit complete with a USB flask disk port, suitable for remote network applications. It also performs excellently in networking environments, offering multi-group network communication including TCP/IP protocol and enabling real-time data transfer for prompt and steamlined data management.

FingerTec® i-Kiosk 100 offers multiple identification methods such as card and password in addition to fingerprint identification. It also enhances time and attendance processing by providing work codes and individual record access features.

As added bonuses, FingerTec® i-Kiosk 100 comes with T9 input method, short messaging, screen saver, and i-Kiosk theme to add versatility to your time attendance and access control units.

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