New Job Costing Feature with Fingertec Employee Clock In Software

With the latest update on Fingertec employee clock in software, some new features have been added that are going to make your tracking of employees easier, more efficient, and more detailed than ever before. One of the newest features is Job Costing. What is it and how is it going to help you?

If your employees use a flexi-attendance schedule, you can now see all the details. That means they don’t just clock in and out once each for the entire day but they clock in and out for each task they perform. It’s a great way to see what tasks cost more time,  to calculate overtime for specific jobs completed, and to see how efficient your employee is being over all. Wouldn’t it be great to see their strengths and weaknesses, so you can assign tasks according to what works best for you both?

If you already have the employee clock in software, when you update to the newest version you’ll have this feature. And if you didn’t have it but this feature appeals to you, then Fingertec may be the perfect upgrade for your office. Keep better track of what’s going on during work and your job at the end of the day will be a whole lot easier!

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