Biometric Timeclocks are good for security and accuracy

finger scanner“My baby takes the morning train. He works from nine to five and then, he takes another home again…” You’ve heard the song. Well, what if you didn’t really know if your baby was working nine to five, hmm? And just maybe his boss has the same concern. That’s how employers sometimes feel when they don’t have an efficient clock in and out system.

Sure, there’s some idea of who’s on time and who’s consistently late, but when your employees fill out their timesheets and the numbers just don’t match the amount of work you start doubting the efficiency of the system. What if there was something you can use to keep track of everyone that was foolproof?

There is! FingerTec employee clock in software uses state of the art technology called biometrics to scan and remember each employee’s fingerprint. Now you have complete control of your kingdom… er, enterprise. It is a great thing to have. It keeps employees on time and (hopefully) motivated to come in every day as they’re supposed to. The added benefit of having the finger scanner is that nobody can fake for anyone else.

Of course, if you work in a very high security facility, though, you might even want to consider the face recognition technology. These are brilliant because you not only want to keep track of when someone is entering and exiting butwho is entering and exiting the workspace.

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