Finger Scanners Coming to Schools

fingerprint scannerSchools around the country are making use of fingerprint scanners to increase their security and reign in on truants. These devices, which only cost about $30 per student (though this cost can vary depending on a school’s size), make attendance-taking more accurate and save schools money in administrative costs.

Finger scanning in the classroom is faster than the traditional roll-call of attendance. It is easy for a friend to yell “present” for someone while the teacher blusters through the attendance list. This is a problem not only in terms of kids missing class, it can be a safety issue too. If a child is missing, the school needs to know as soon as possible, and a finger scanner allows for that. Scanners also allow for tighter control the of teachers and staff, ensuring no one is entering the school under false pretense.

Schools are only starting to make use of fingerprint time clocks. The future may see the practice extended to parents entering the school, school buses and more. It is hard to argue with a technology that saves money and allows a safer environment. Some parents have, however, raised concerns about privacy and how fingerprints and other recorded information are stored and shared.

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