Time Clock Software Gets a Makeover

Being completely honest, how many times do you notice employees taking a break? How often do they come in late? do you want to have specified rules enforced in the employee time clock software so that you have an accurate reading of the time spent on work? One of FingerTec’s newest features is a makeover on the clocking schedules.

This update breaks down all of your options so that it’s easy to navigate adjustments. For example, the “Tolerance” tab deducts the amount of late time into work from the schedule, early time out from the schedule, time spent not resuming work, and early lunches. Human error happens. sometimes our watches aren’t always accurate. Sometimes you can’t help having to come in a little late or a leave early one day. Life happens, what are you going to do about it? At least with this feature you can have the system automate your employees schedule to give you an accurate reading of where the time is being lost. Other features include “Auto Add Break Rule,” which helps keep track of necessary breaks during the day. It, too, prevents inaccuracies in the shift reports.

The automation and rule additions to the software make tabulating the shift report much easier. After all, theattendance system should be easy to read and navigate.

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